June 7 Grounded Gratitude

Despite, not posting Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc. with my Grounded Gratitude practice any longer, I still have to include some form of a date, otherwise the links will be funny – so now we have June 7th Grounded Gratitude!

I was thinking today of how I haven’t been to the fair in so long – oftentimes the one here in Vancouver has a lot of the same things year after year which is why I haven’t been in so long. Now that it’s not taking place due to covid, I reflect on the sights, sounds and smells of the good old summer fair.

I was also thinking of how many dishes there are that my mum used to make when I was little, that really bring me back to a place a remembrance when I eat them now. Kind of nice to reflect.

It’s been my first week of scheduled content and I am really happy that I took this step. As I mentioned on a few days ago, I received my report off my iPhone last weekend of how many hours I had spent on my phone – I spent 7 HOURS on my phone on average, every day last week – not okay.⁠ A computer and a phone are how I continue to grow, create content and create an abundance of what I am working towards in my life but I don’t think that should mean they should be attached at my hip – distance is healthy, too!

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Grateful Times Are a Changing

Grateful Times Are a Changing

Hi friends – as you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t posted in a few days – there’s a reason for that.

Prior to attending Gem Conference over last weekend, , I had thoughts as to the direction of this account, which I had rolling around in my head. After attending the conference, I decided that the direction I wanted to go in was for the best!

On June 1st, I began reducing the number of Instagram posts I created on my account from 2 to 1. I’ve felt proud that i’ve never sacrificed quality for the sake of quantity, but now I feel like this will enable my content to go the distance far greater than keeping up with posting twice a day.⁠

On June 1st, I began no longer posting Grounded Gratitude posts, rather, now they’re every other day (or basically whenever the heck I felt like it). I think the time has come, especially within British Columbia, where I live, where social distancing is gradually lifting, the commitment I once made to post every day that which I am grateful for, is no longer applicable. We are gradually coming out of quarantine, and I think my content should reflect that shift, too.

Finally, I have attempted (or actively am attempting) to schedule content for the entire month of June. My weekly stats were delivered to my phone, tracking app usage – this past week, I spent approximately 7 hours a day on my phone. Kind of ironic considering how much I promote mindful living and existing in the present moment, to have such a high daily rate. While I had prior to this occasionally scheduled content, most of the time (and because I had the time in quarantine), I would post however I was feeling on that day. But it eats up my time, when I could be using that time, keeping productive with other tasks.

So that’s that. I’ll still be around, but taking more time for myself as well as taking more time for quality over quantity.

May Grounded Gratitude Day 30

My friends – today has been an informative day!🌟

Day 1 of Gem Conference wrapped up a little bit ago – I am SO pleased I made the decision to purchase a ticket last minute. The wealth of information and knowledge of the speakers has been incredible. I got involved, joined in the chat feature, interacted with folks, made some new connections here on Instagram based off those interactions – overall I’m really happy and grateful that I put myself out there and joined in on the fun and learning! 😊

I’m also grateful for (and something which I seem to notice when out for my daily walk) how curious I get about nature. Leaving my phone at home especially allows for me to interact and engage with nature by getting curious.💭

I ask myself questions, I get curious about certain things I see: “How come leaves can grow different patterns? At what rate does a baby Canadian goose grow? Why is there a certain smell when it rains? Why do we find that so relaxing and refreshing?”🌿

It’s healthy to get curious and it’s healthy to interact and get out into nature – I encourage you to do both of these things as restrictions continue to lift! 😁

Have a lovely Saturday evening.🌟

May Grounded Gratitude Day 2

Hope you’re all having a restful Saturday! I dragged my butt out for a rainy walk without music or without my phone and I’m SO glad I did.☺️

I was so much more attentive to the world around me. Normally when my music is in I don’t have a chance to observe but after today I realized I want to make a better habit of getting out of my headphones.📱

I walked up a street I’ve never gone and normally wouldn’t because I’m usually on auto-pilot. I paid attention to all the different greens of the trees and bushes, I heard the birds chirping, I enjoyed the quiet when cars weren’t driving by, I admired little details of houses (one had shelves of books I could see from the street in their front room, it honestly looked like a library).📚

What did you get up to on your Saturday? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏻

April Grounded Gratitude Day 24

Grounded Gratitude Day 24! When May 1st comes around we’ll start back at Day 1 🤗

Seeing the senior sign with her granddaughter (I assume was her granddaughter) makes me want to learn how to “speak” it now too! Learn a new skill? ASL? Why the heck not?👏🏻

I realize that I posted the other day about how many leftovers I have, but since my failed frying experiment last week, I haven’t stopped craving fried chicken LOL. For those of you who missed my story, I attempted to deep fry jackfruit from a @buzzfeedtasty recipe where it’s supposed to mimic popcorn chicken and proceeded to wreck the oil from the temperature being too high, set off my fire alarm for a solid 10 minutes and nearly burned my apartment down 😬😬😬

The place I order chicken from is run by the sweetest Korean family – another small biz I am more than happy to support because they provide me hella yummy food! They took their little son back to South Korea to meet his relatives for the first time last year and closed their shop for a few weeks while they were gone, and I MISSED the chicken – but they had a fair reason 😋

And the new patio set is all ready! Now what else to add? Plants? A shelf for my plants? A lounge chair to read books in? A little cart or side table to accompany it? Think of the possibilities!🌟

What are you grateful for? You know what to do, let me know in the comments below you fine folks! 🎉

April Grounded Gratitude Day 20

Grounded Gratitude Day 19 is expressing gratitude for goal setting, positivity fueling my creativity and … disco music? 🕺🏻

I loveee ABBA. I was listening to them on my walk today, I bop around in my kitchen listening to their music when I’m cooking dinner. It just makes me feel good 😄

I’m also appreciative of setting new goals, whether it be for this account, for my life, for learning new skills. What I love even more than setting new goals is having an aspect of my life that I can envision & picture & mean something to me that I can work towards & (inevitably) MEET those goals ✅

Tell me about your goals! Have one you’d be willing to share? Comment down below 👇🏻

April Grounded Gratitude Day 19

Grounded Gratitude Day 19!🍍

I got a little preoccupied doing some gardening with my mum for my deck so that’s why this is post comes a little late to you today🌿 I have some new little plant babies who I shall cherish & (hopefully) grow in the coming months!

My new plant babies!

I’ve also stuck a TON of Queer Eye gifs in my post which will be published tomorrow, so those lifted my spirits as well 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

What are you grateful for? Comment below!