May Grounded Gratitude Day 18

Day 18 of Grounded Gratitude is here 🌟

For those who are new to following me, hey I’m Lindsay! This is my account 🙂

I write a lot about unhealthy mental ruts I have dealt with (overthinking, negative self-zealous, abandonment issues) but I also regularly post my Grounded Gratitude practice.👏🏻

Grounded Gratitude is a commitment that every day of quarantine/social distancing, I post 3 things I am grateful for ✨

May Grounded Gratitude Day 17

Hello friends – hope you’ve all had a lovely Sunday.

My friend’s wedding is a go come July, meaning that I will be going on a mini vacation in Tofino, on Vancouver Island – I’ve booked a cute Airbnb that’s 2 blocks away from downtown and a 10 minute walk to the beach.

I plan to make it a road trip, stop at some sights along the way. It should be a fun time! I’m looking forward to getting out of town and it’s looking like my one getaway this year, so why not make a trip of it?

May Grounded Gratitude Day 16

Hello friends – is it really mid-May already?⌛️

Hope you have all had a lovely Saturday. I spent mine cleaning my house. Not like Sonic The Hedgehog speed, but just putzing around – vacuumed, wiped down surfaces, worked on some new projects (like cleaning up and moving an old bookshelf outside for my gardening supplies & root veggies that don’t need fridge storage).🧼

I also am feeling better today. I’d say I’m still just okay in my mood, but I haven’t cried today, so I’ll take that as a win 😋

How ya feeling today? Let me know below ⬇️

May Grounded Gratitude Day 14

Hello friends – i’m having a very sad day today. Someone i’ve come to care about a lot in a short time period is moving back home (which is hella far away from me, like on the other side of the world). The move back is a result of the stagnant life we are all living right now as a result of the coronavirus and all of the different sectors of society being affected by it – including job loss. I had hoped that maybe our paths would cross again in the future, but I don’t know if/how/when that would happen now. While I validate for myself that this hope was real and tangible, it was perhaps a naive one, nonetheless. Now that hope just feels dead.

The last 24 hours have been a bit of a lesson in grieving, but it’s a unique type of grief – simply because covid is something we have never experienced before. At it’s core though, there have been some familiar takeaway points:

Remembering that communication, especially when one is emotional, is not usually the best state to be in when communicating with someone, but forgiving myself for doing so.

Recognizing that my inner voice has been especially critical today – saying that my emotions are not justifiable because it was such a short time period, that i’m making a big deal out of nothing – but pushing past them and doing and feeling what is best for me.

Recognizing that I can’t control the future, or what happens … I can only control the present and my actions now. In this instance, I’ve done what little I could.

Recognizing that while it doesn’t feel like it right now, perhaps this door has closed, in order for another one to open. It’s especially hard to entertain this thought, though, when you were willing (and hoping), to see what else this door had in store for you, and were not ready to close it just yet.

May Grounded Gratitude Day 12

Hello friends – you may or may not have noticed but yesterday I did not put out a Grounded Gratitude post.

That is because I had already posted twice yesterday and as much as I am all for consistency and remaining true to my commitment, I’m also all for not posting excessively! So we pick up as per usual with today, Day 12, with no Day 11 in sight.

I’ve been thinking lately that I’ve been vibing pretty well with my body. I’m not unhappy with it, I feed it what I want, it’s treating me well and I am treating it well – content all around!

What are you grateful for? Comment below!✌🏻

May Grounded Gratitude Day 10

A happy Sunday to you all – once again I’ve had a chill weekend where I haven’t been as present on my socials as normal. 🌟

In it’s place I have spent time with my family – poached eggs for breaky, a bit of time to work on a puzzle, making a dessert for after dinner tonight🍰

Also finding ways to escape the sun – today it is SO hot here in Vancouver 🇨🇦 to the point that it’s not enjoyable, so I’ve been staying inside primarily or escaping to shady spots. More enjoyment of the little things. 🤗

What are your plans this weekend?

May Grounded Gratitude Day 8

I have a post coming out on Monday that touches on some deeper points in my life that I’m grateful to be able to share and look forward to sharing and being open about with you all. 💌

I am also grateful I get to spend this weekend with my mom, considering covid has taken away that opportunity for many people. She’ll be once again happy I made mention of her in my posts because she likes the shout outs. 😂💃🏼

She also just texted me saying we should concoct a batch of sangria this weekend and … I mean .. how can you disagree to such a proposal? That would just be sacrilege. Naturally, I concurred as any good, respectful daughter would. I shall report back to dear followers on how our wine disguised as fruit juice disguised as wine turns out 🍷👏🏻