August Intentions List

Have you set your August intentions yet?!

Setting your intentions can help to declutter your brain and get you really laser focused on what you want to work on or accomplish.

So often we hear of blogs and sites who flop, disappear or throw in the towel after a month, primarily because the initial excitement of starting a blog in the first place wears off (after that is when the real work begins!). I’m proud of myself for having kept consistent in my posts, having posted weekly on my site for the past 5 months! This is an intention I plan on continuing.

Some of intentions which I hope … no WILL, pick back up again, include writing for 1 hour every day. This was a practice I got into in order to hold myself accountable to my writing and my blog. July got busy with a vacation and transitioning into a new role at work (which so far is very meh and partially why I haven’t talked about it) and my practice fell off the metaphorical horse, but we shall get back on it!

Frankly I have left a lot of my recent writing to the weekend before publishing and I don’t like the rushed feeling that accompanies this last minute writing. I’d rather be ahead of the curve.

Daily intentions, meditation and brain dumps are tasks which I want to incorporate into my day to day life as well. Setting intentions every morning for how I set my day help improve my mood, put me in the right mindset and give me a little push when I’m feeling like Sleepy the Dwarf from Snow White. Also daily brain dumps and journaling. I tend to only journal when I need to release a thought, or feeling but I really want to start doing it every day, even if I have nothing in particular to pour out on paper.

I also really want to redesign and work on my website. There needs to be a better system on their for categorizing my posts – right now they’re a little all over the place and it bothers me. So a website facelift will be taking place!

What are your intentions for August? Comment below!

Self-Awareness Shout-Out

I posted this on my Instagram yesterday but wanted to share it here too. I had this thought the other day.

I comment so much on other people’s posts, that what they talk about is something I need to work on, or I am working on… but I don’t think I give myself enough credit for being as self-aware as I am. So today I am!

Recognizing my own emotional immaturity, IS a form of maturity. Recognizing how destructive my overthinking can be, IS productive. Knowing there will be hard days, during which I recognize I may be hard on myself, but can pull through IS healthy awareness.

When’s the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back or gave yourself a hug for your level of self-awareness?

Mental Flip-Flop: My All or Nothing Tendencies

Mental Flip-Flop: My All or Nothing Tendencies

Reading Time: 8 Minutes

In previous posts I touched upon what I refer to as my All or Nothing patterns of thought and/or behavior. An alternative title I give to this pattern is flip-flopping – when something doesn’t seem to be working one way for me, or even if something is not going well, I have the tendency to then throw all of my weight behind whatever the opposite is of that. When using this term, I also include such instances in which I severely restrict or purposely block certain aspects of my life, simply because I think that by cutting them off, this will be a sure fire way to end up at the destination I visualize for myself in the future.

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May Grounded Gratitude Day 30

My friends – today has been an informative day!🌟

Day 1 of Gem Conference wrapped up a little bit ago – I am SO pleased I made the decision to purchase a ticket last minute. The wealth of information and knowledge of the speakers has been incredible. I got involved, joined in the chat feature, interacted with folks, made some new connections here on Instagram based off those interactions – overall I’m really happy and grateful that I put myself out there and joined in on the fun and learning! 😊

I’m also grateful for (and something which I seem to notice when out for my daily walk) how curious I get about nature. Leaving my phone at home especially allows for me to interact and engage with nature by getting curious.💭

I ask myself questions, I get curious about certain things I see: “How come leaves can grow different patterns? At what rate does a baby Canadian goose grow? Why is there a certain smell when it rains? Why do we find that so relaxing and refreshing?”🌿

It’s healthy to get curious and it’s healthy to interact and get out into nature – I encourage you to do both of these things as restrictions continue to lift! 😁

Have a lovely Saturday evening.🌟

May Grounded Gratitude Day 28

Hi all – today’s Grounded Gratitude is here 🌟

Exciting things that happened to me today – I submitted a job application, received my Saje order, and applied for meditation teacher training with @the_lab_of_meditation 👏🏻

I’m excited about the potential opportunity to expand my knowledge on a subject I am very passionate about (as I know a lot of you are too) and to be able to teach others this practice which has helped me greatly in my daily life. What’s more, the decision to apply was so clear in my mind. There were no “what-if” moments or questioning my ability or self-doubt. Yay to being brave and just going for it 😄

Tonight some girlfriends and I are having a group video chat too – all in all a great day – hope you had a great day too✌🏻

May Grounded Gratitude Day 27

Day 27 of Grounded Gratitude 😄

My new patio lounge chair is AWESOME – it’s a cute teal color, I bought a matching ottoman , cup holder, and an outdoor pillow ✨ I’m cozy folks. It’s my new fave spot for drinking my morning coffee and answering work emails.💻

I ordered a bunch of products from @sajewellness – I ordered some baths salts, new hand soap, and a lavender mist. I wanted a new room spray, too, but with less chemicals, so I also decided to purchase one from Saje – plant-based and no synthetics!🌿

May Grounded Gratitude Day 25

Hi friends! Hope you all had a great start to your Monday. Today’s blog post was supposed to come out, but I just got busy doing other things and time slipped away, and it didn’t happen. I feel proud of myself for having been so consistent with posting so far (every Monday!), so I shall allow myself this one time as a grace period. Tomorrow it shall be published!

A week or so ago, I entered into a draw for a free tarot card reading by Lynn of Gentle Guidance Tarot on Instagram. I didn’t win, but had been planning to enter her draw again come the next month. I received a message from her yesterday (kind of strange timing as those accounts who follow me closely will know it was a bit of an odd, sad day), that she’s going to do my reading for free the following day (today!). As a way to promote her readings and her services, Lynn is offering for anyone who is interested, their first reading for free so they can experience a reading and get a feel for working with her. From there if people decide they wish for more readings, they can pursue her paid option. I told her what I wanted to focus the reading on, and woke up this morning to a lovely 20 minute clip from her explaining my tarot cards.

I haven’t had a chance to fully sit down and take in and listen to the reading (it’s just been a wack, busy day, and time got away), but I plan to fully immerse myself this evening.

On another note, my avocado seed seems to be growing – fingers crossed, my plant saga continues….

May Grounded Gratitude Day 24

Hello friends – today is Day 24 of Grounded Gratitude.

My brother turns 25 today. He is home visiting from Calgary, and it’s been nice to spend the weekend with him to celebrate!

I had talked a week or so ago about a person close to me leaving the country (and moving home, very very far away) because they can’t afford to stay as a result of covid-19. They left today. I wished them safe travels – my heart still aches a little, and i’ve been feeling somber as the day has gone on, but I am more accepting and open to the fact that it was not in my hands. It was part of a much bigger picture. People have continuously said that this period of time has been a massive shift for all of us, personally, professionally, spiritually. So while I can’t see the bigger picture clearly in this very moment and am sad that it went this way, I know there are lessons to be learned. To be frank, I wonder if it was meant to show me that good men still exist in the world ( and vice versa for him – good gals like me). I’d lost faith in that for a long time, and I seriously believe this was a lesson in order to help me restore that faith.

My post tomorrow talks about this belief (good men still existing) and how I have struggled with it in the past. I I made sure I said everything I wanted to/needed to say to this person before they left the country. I wanted to have no regrets upon their imminent departure and I can say with confidence that I have no regrets – the only one being I didn’t get more time with them, but that as we can all see clearly was out of my control. I take comfort in the fact that the regret is not something which I could have done something about. It’s not something I have to live with or will be kicking myself for in the future.

It’s been a very good weekend to be busy spending it with family. It was healthy for my mind and my spirit to have my focus shifted elsewhere, rather than sitting at home by myself feeling sad.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.