May Grounded Gratitude Day 30

My friends – today has been an informative day!🌟

Day 1 of Gem Conference wrapped up a little bit ago – I am SO pleased I made the decision to purchase a ticket last minute. The wealth of information and knowledge of the speakers has been incredible. I got involved, joined in the chat feature, interacted with folks, made some new connections here on Instagram based off those interactions – overall I’m really happy and grateful that I put myself out there and joined in on the fun and learning! 😊

I’m also grateful for (and something which I seem to notice when out for my daily walk) how curious I get about nature. Leaving my phone at home especially allows for me to interact and engage with nature by getting curious.💭

I ask myself questions, I get curious about certain things I see: “How come leaves can grow different patterns? At what rate does a baby Canadian goose grow? Why is there a certain smell when it rains? Why do we find that so relaxing and refreshing?”🌿

It’s healthy to get curious and it’s healthy to interact and get out into nature – I encourage you to do both of these things as restrictions continue to lift! 😁

Have a lovely Saturday evening.🌟

May Grounded Gratitude Day 28

Hi all – today’s Grounded Gratitude is here 🌟

Exciting things that happened to me today – I submitted a job application, received my Saje order, and applied for meditation teacher training with @the_lab_of_meditation 👏🏻

I’m excited about the potential opportunity to expand my knowledge on a subject I am very passionate about (as I know a lot of you are too) and to be able to teach others this practice which has helped me greatly in my daily life. What’s more, the decision to apply was so clear in my mind. There were no “what-if” moments or questioning my ability or self-doubt. Yay to being brave and just going for it 😄

Tonight some girlfriends and I are having a group video chat too – all in all a great day – hope you had a great day too✌🏻

May Grounded Gratitude Day 19

Wishing you a happy Tuesday! I was lying in bed last night, my eyes sore from a full day of looking at the computer without my Blue Light glasses on. I briefly pressed my palms to my closed eyes and did a few eye rolls to massage them out, and in that moment I thought about how grateful I was for my sight. I thought about how many things I would be unable to complete if I was visually impaired – I would not be able to do my job without my sight, run my blog without my sight, interact with folks via my Instagram without my sight. As well as every day getting to wake up and open them again, and start fresh without soreness. A true spot of gratitude.

Last night I also completed a silent meditation for 15 minutes, and my mind was bouncing around like a ping-pong ball! Truth be told, I have not consistently meditated in a while, and it was quite fascinating to me to hone in on how out of wack my brain and mindful concentration can get when I don’t keep up with a consistent practice. The last week or so i’ve been in a bit of a funk, a mix of emotions, as you all know, so I’ve made peace with it and the fact that every day is a new day to start again.

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May Grounded Gratitude Day 10

A happy Sunday to you all – once again I’ve had a chill weekend where I haven’t been as present on my socials as normal. 🌟

In it’s place I have spent time with my family – poached eggs for breaky, a bit of time to work on a puzzle, making a dessert for after dinner tonight🍰

Also finding ways to escape the sun – today it is SO hot here in Vancouver 🇨🇦 to the point that it’s not enjoyable, so I’ve been staying inside primarily or escaping to shady spots. More enjoyment of the little things. 🤗

What are your plans this weekend?

May Grounded Gratitude Day 2

Hope you’re all having a restful Saturday! I dragged my butt out for a rainy walk without music or without my phone and I’m SO glad I did.☺️

I was so much more attentive to the world around me. Normally when my music is in I don’t have a chance to observe but after today I realized I want to make a better habit of getting out of my headphones.📱

I walked up a street I’ve never gone and normally wouldn’t because I’m usually on auto-pilot. I paid attention to all the different greens of the trees and bushes, I heard the birds chirping, I enjoyed the quiet when cars weren’t driving by, I admired little details of houses (one had shelves of books I could see from the street in their front room, it honestly looked like a library).📚

What did you get up to on your Saturday? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏻

April Grounded Gratitude Day 28

Hey folks! Grounded Gratitude Day 28 is upon us✨ Grounded Gratitude is a commitment that for every day of social distancing I publish 3 things which I am grateful for. Sometimes there’s new things, sometimes there’s repeats but bottom line is it makes my day and life a little lighter by doing so 😄

I’ve really been reaping the benefits of mindful eating lately – I enjoy my food more, I feel more satisfied with my meals, I enjoy the taste, I am better able to recognize and stop when I’m full. Cooking has become an avenue of creativity for me too – trying new recipes and making new dishes 🥙

Finding joy in changing up small household chores as well – making the bed, changing up the order I do chores in the morning🧹🧽🧼

Are there any small changes you’ve made which have improved or diversified your routine? Let me know in the comments below!