Death: The Ultimate Lesson on Living

Death: The Ultimate Lesson on Living

For today's segment we're talking about Death - how we cope with the magnitude and reality of it, the loss we experience from it, why we shy away from talking about it and the ultimate lesson I think we can divulge from it.

August Intentions List

Have you set your August intentions yet?!Setting your intentions can help to declutter your brain and get you really laser focused on what you want to work on or accomplish.So often we hear of blogs and sites who flop, disappear or throw in the towel after a month, primarily because the initial excitement of starting [...]

Little Surprises

Yesterday I threw a little socially distanced 60th surprise party for my momma🥳•Mom watches my Insta Stories so I couldn’t share it with you. I know you can hide your Story from certain people but I was too paranoid she would somehow see so I didn’t share😂•With the help of my brother and my mum’s [...]