Featured Work: The Worrying Wife Workbook

Look ma – i’m featured in a thing!

My Instagram buddy and follower of my blog The Worrying Wife has now published her beautiful new workbook with LOADS of fantastic tips, tools, check-ins, affirmations and goodies to get you through this wiggity wack pandemic as well as general times of stress, worry and anxiety. Did I mention it’s FREE?

She reached out to me asking if I had a recipe to contribute …. and I did not! So I quickly got to work experimenting in my kitchen and managed to whip up this delicious green smoothie bowl so I could join in on the workbook fun.

Get all your good green veggies in with my yummy recipe (cucumber? In a smoothie bowl? Who wouldathunkit?? I’m shocked too but it works and tastes refreshing).

Have you tried smoothie bowls before? Have a fave recipe? Comment down below!