Why Lindsay, Enlightened?

By the dictionary definition, to be enlightened means:

  • Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook.
  • Giving (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.
  • Giving (someone) spiritual knowledge or insight.

Of course when I first read that I thought “An outlook on what?”

I now assume this to be anything you want, but for the purpose of this blog, I apply the definition to my relationships (personal & professional) and even more all-encompassing, my life. Ultimately, the definition grabbed a hold of me on a deeper level, deeper than let me use this as the name of my blog where i’ll temporarily idle and pour my efforts into a creative outlet while waiting for a psychologist to become available. It was a moment of “wow, I love this definition, I should really be incorporating this principle into my daily life”. Essentially, it spoke to me and where my head was at.

As anyone who has ever overthought, ruminated, fixated, or experienced anxiety will know, a rational and well-thought outlook when you are in that head space, is like the lost city of Atlantis – it doesn’t exist. Your brain grows little tiny legs and takes off running with irrational ideas and thoughts.

In my case when I overthink, I flood my cranium with the worst possible scenarios that could happen in the situation I am dealing with. To attempt to rationalize the situation when you are in that mind set (“this is not as bad in real life as I am making it in my head“) can be an uphill battle.

Based on the definition of enlightenment I created some guidelines to hopefully help guide me in producing content for this blog, but also to hold myself responsible in finding out what works for me. I hope to:

  • Explore, dissect, rationalize, and work to overcome my unhealthy thought patterns, fears and behaviors.
  • Arm myself with the knowledge and strategies to work myself through difficult mental health ruts.
  • Share my own lived experiences with mental health.
  • Share tips, tricks, thoughts and ideas I have collected and applied (and continue to collect and apply) with you.
  • Share how you can incorporate meditation, enlightenment and gratitude into your own life.
  • Most importantly, to develop a greater understanding of myself as a human being (hey I gotta take something away from this blog, too).