About the Site

In February 2020, after receiving the “I’m not taking on new clients at the moment” schpeel from the 6th psychologist I had reached out to, to hash out my flavor of the week mental health issues (I’ll take Insecurities for 300, Alex), I thought seeing as I couldn’t connect with a professional to discuss my concerns, that I should write about them in the interim, and release some thoughts and feelings that way. Of course I journaled in my own time, but never considered publicly blogging about my chunky, overthinking head, and the fact I’m in an on-off relationship with insecuritystressemotionsoverthinkingruminating my mental health on the daily (what a joy).

And thus, this blog/site was born *The band plays, fireworks are set off, people kiss my hand*

I will admit that a few days after I began the blog, my former psychologist got in touch with me after I left her a voicemail; she had space to book me in. At first, I thought the fact I had connected and booked an appointment with her, would somehow discredit the separated learning and exploring I was doing via this blog. I realized though, that the process as a whole of gaining the knowledge and experience to get myself out of unhealthy mental ruts, should be comprised of one part therapy and one part self-exploration.

About Me

I’m a communications professional, writer, content producer, and event coordinator. I’ve had the opportunity to work for the federal government and post-secondary institutions, producing social media content and creating communications materials to meet the needs of a diverse audience. In my free-time, I enjoy choral singing, traveling, reading and spending time with family (including my cat, Bella) and friends. I am proud to call Vancouver, Canada home.