My Biggest Project of 2021 is ME!

Your BIGGEST project of #2021 (& beyond)? YOU!!⁠

Things may seem overwhelming at first when you observe the number of aspects within you that you hope to work on at any given time throughout the year (I’M FINE, IT’S FINE, EVERYTHING IS FINE, SOMEONE BRING ME A PAPER BAG).⁠

What’s more important though, is the fact you recognize them, you provide yourself with the space (& grace) to work on them and through them. As well as grant yourself the space for mistakes and setbacks to occur (which they will, you are only human), both of which are actually learning experiences in disguise, when you think about it.⁠

I’ve seen lots of posts float around about what people hope to work on, or continuing progress with. I’ll ask it too! What is one thing you hope to work on in 2021?⁠

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