Venting Versus Proactive Guidance

Venting vs. Proactive Guidance!

I’ve developed a bit of a bad habit – when I have something on my brain, when I overthink, when something bothers me….I tend to spill my guts – in most cases, to 5 or 6 different people!

Because I have a bit of a pre-existing tendency to feel like a burden, I end up feeling worse than I did before. I often turn to the same handful of people for advice – in the back of my head, when I talk to them, I worry they are thinking “not this again”.

I shared this with my therapist who expressed that while you may feel better off-loading onto others in the moment, and “vent”, it actually makes you feel worse in the long run and the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing stick around longer!

However, if you seek proactive guidance from a select number of people (smaller than 5 or 6!), it can allow you to seek a proper solution, feel better about the situation, and maintain some control over how you handle things.

And if the person you are talking to does in fact think “not this again” about your problems, chances are they aren’t someone you should be confiding in about your concerns in the first place – a true friend will support you.

Do you vent, or seek proactive guidance? How about a bit of both? Comment down below!

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