Don’t Feel Guilty for Setting Good Boundaries

Don’t Feel Guilty for Setting Good Boundaries!

This is something I could have stood to benefit from this week. It was my last week at my job. I start a new position on Monday. However, I was given a new task in my last week, a time when, in my opinion, I should be finishing up existing tasks, not starting new ones. On top of that, it was a new task I had NEVER done before.

So I put my foot down, I voiced my opinion to my supervisor, who has always expressed to me the importance of setting boundaries – and she backed off.

But then I proceeded to feel guilty for doing so, even after my supervisor said that it made more sense for her to do the task anyways. I saw that it was eating up her time, and I felt bad. She told me she stayed up until 2:00am working on this task, which made me feel even worse. What that has made me realize is she needs to set better boundaries for herself, and needs more people working on the task besides her.

I’m really glad I said no, and I feel proud of myself for doing so, but the people-pleaser in me hates to disappoint. I like being approachable, and being available to take on tasks, but I found myself really needing the extra time – even voicing to a colleague how I was glad I had set those boundaries.

Have you ever felt guilty for setting good boundaries? Comment below.

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