I Can Be Single and Whole At The Same Time

I feel like i’ve just about arrived at a place where i’m whole and happy, while being single. It took some time to get here. Don’t get me wrong though – some days it still weighs me down.

It’s a simple concept, but I think a lot of us forget that just because we’re single, doesn’t mean we are or equate to being “less than” or incomplete. It’s often our critical inner voice that makes us feel this way, mixed in with a little bit of over the top societal expectations, especially for women.

There’s the initial vibe of feeling partial after a break up – you were two people, now you are one. But there’s also the general vibe of feeling like you’re “lacking” something as I’ve talked about before, when you are just living your single pringle life – no recent break-up, no heartache, but it still feels like you’re missing a few parts.

I’m a firm believer that you as an individual should be happy and healthy and feel wholesome as one entity – it only spells disaster if you seek out others to make you feel whole. I certainly jumped into relationships and seeked out comfort in others when I wasn’t whole myself and have learned from that.

As I get older and friends advance in relationships, the vibe of “lacking” wholeness and feeling incomplete sometimes grows stronger but what also grows stronger is my ability to view my singledom as a time to piece together the parts of me I felt weren’t whole and work on breathing new life into them.

How does being single make you feel? Do you feel whole and content? Or is it something you’re working on like me? Comment below!

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