Are You A Victim of Worry-Googling?

Woogling (an original Lindsay-ism!). We’ve all done it – yes you have, don’t fib!

We get in our heads about our health – mental and physical, our relationships, our family life, our work life. We worry, we fret, we stress, get anxious, so we turn to the most powerful therapist of all (seemingly) – GOOGLE.

We google our symptoms, we google how to solve overthinking, we google to translate what exactly our girlfriend/husband/life partner/second cousin/best friend/mother in law said about that one thing that may have meant another thing in that tone of voice they like to put on, but it could have meant another thing but you really have NO IDEA.

In my own experience, worry googling has actually made whatever it was, WORSE, and has actually made me get more in my head about it. As I mentioned before, I read into things and this sure as hell doesn’t help that.

For me, the ability to simply Google whatever it is that is concerning me allows me to avoid potential conflict or confrontation from simply asking the person what they meant when they said what they said. Or if I don’t have an appointment with my doctor for 2 weeks, I google my symptoms to figure it out in the meantime (everything ends up being cancer – or Lupus, for all my House fans out there).

So what’s a great way to counter Woogling? I’d say building up your instinct and intuition, and trusting yourself enough to recognize that what your gut is telling you about what your bitchy second cousin actually meant when they said that thing, is probably right. Or if your gut is telling you to stop checking out symptoms because you’re going to get nowhere in terms of a diagnosis until you actually see your doctor, it’s probably right.

Have you Woogled? Comment down below.

2 thoughts on “Are You A Victim of Worry-Googling?

  1. I confess to being a serial Woogler, I like to cut straight to the point in my search bar, with questions like what is my life expectancy, chemo or radiation? Expect the worse and then you won’t be disappointed.


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