Don’t Read Into “It”

In case you needed a reminder today – don’t read into it!

Whatever IT is, don’t read into it. You’ll end up spinning your head in circles, make up scenarios that aren’t even there, and create more harm than good for yourself.

I used to read into things a lot. I still do. However, I use a few tips now which seem to help:

Give yourself 24 hours to let the situation settle – a day allows you plenty of time to let the situation unfold and to give your mind time to settle too.

Make a list of the factual vs. imaginary in the meantime – what you know to be true with 100% certainty versus what you think you might be stirring up in your mind. Attempting to dispel what it is you are reading into can also dispel potential fears and emotions attached to the situation.

If you feel comfortable and are able to do so, simply ask the person – “Hey, could I just ask … did I do something to upset you? I’d just like to know so I don’t continue overthinking when we talked yesterday or reading into it”.

Do you read into situations? Comment down below!

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