August Intentions List

Have you set your August intentions yet?!

Setting your intentions can help to declutter your brain and get you really laser focused on what you want to work on or accomplish.

So often we hear of blogs and sites who flop, disappear or throw in the towel after a month, primarily because the initial excitement of starting a blog in the first place wears off (after that is when the real work begins!). I’m proud of myself for having kept consistent in my posts, having posted weekly on my site for the past 5 months! This is an intention I plan on continuing.

Some of intentions which I hope … no WILL, pick back up again, include writing for 1 hour every day. This was a practice I got into in order to hold myself accountable to my writing and my blog. July got busy with a vacation and transitioning into a new role at work (which so far is very meh and partially why I haven’t talked about it) and my practice fell off the metaphorical horse, but we shall get back on it!

Frankly I have left a lot of my recent writing to the weekend before publishing and I don’t like the rushed feeling that accompanies this last minute writing. I’d rather be ahead of the curve.

Daily intentions, meditation and brain dumps are tasks which I want to incorporate into my day to day life as well. Setting intentions every morning for how I set my day help improve my mood, put me in the right mindset and give me a little push when I’m feeling like Sleepy the Dwarf from Snow White. Also daily brain dumps and journaling. I tend to only journal when I need to release a thought, or feeling but I really want to start doing it every day, even if I have nothing in particular to pour out on paper.

I also really want to redesign and work on my website. There needs to be a better system on their for categorizing my posts – right now they’re a little all over the place and it bothers me. So a website facelift will be taking place!

What are your intentions for August? Comment below!

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