July 28 Grounded Gratitude

Hi folks! It’s been a hot minute since I posted a Grounded Gratitude practice, or posted something other than a blog post.

Traveling home from my vacation on Vancouver Island, really made me appreciate the ferry ride it takes to get there and back. I love taking an early morning ferry – the air is cool, the water is calm, the sky is sort of grey like it’s just waking up after a good night of sleep. The ride itself passes by easily as inlets and smaller islands float in and out of sight.

While waiting to board my ferry home, I did a quick walk-through of the quay market that is at the ferry terminal. When I came out the other side, a man and his dog (who was very happy to see me) were sitting on a ledge nearby. I asked the man if I could pet his furry pooch and he said yes. The pupper was happy to have received a little scratch on the head from me, until losing interest in my head rubs and curling back again in the shady spot at his owner’s feet.

I’ve also been really grateful lately at my ability to look at situations more rationally. I’ve sometimes had a hard time looking at the bigger picture of a situation, especially when it comes to romantic relationships (what have I not had trouble with in relation to romantic relationships? lol). I tend to put on my rose-colored glasses and see only what I want to see, never the warning signs or the signs which might have shown themselves before I even started dating a person. While it’s easier to say now that i’m not in a relationship that I can look at situations more rationally (being in a relationship might be a different story), I feel like the growth I have experienced within my time in quarantine and my time with my therapist, even in the last 5 months, has really benefited me in thinking situations and aspects within certain situations through more clearly.

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