May Grounded Gratitude Day 15

Hi folks – thought I was feeling better this morning, then my emotions went hell naw sister, you’re still grieving, stomp out that positivity. So now it seems to be a toss-up as to if i’m actually mildly, ever so slightly, better than yesterday.

My angel of a friend texted me last night to check in on me and said that since restrictions are being slightly lifted this weekend, she said she had an unopened bottle of wine and a free Saturday evening, and I responded with a triumphant and glorious YESSSS, like i’d fought at The Battle of Thermopylae alongside King Leonidas and won – any other 300/history nerds out there?

Any plans for your long weekend? Even if we’re living through a pandemic and I have worked from home for 2 months, I still appreciate that Monday is a stat holiday during which I don’t have to work.

Speaking of work, you may or may not know that I work for a university, in the realm of real life. I knew the Summer 2020 semester was set to be all online (meaning working from home from now until at least late August) – but I got the news yesterday (and it’s public knowledge now, I saw it on Twitter), that the university plans to continue this into the Fall 2020 semester. MEANING, I am working from home for another 8 MONTHS. Till CHRISTMAS.

So i’m working through that, plus my emotions from the current situation, PLUS it being that time of the month = even more emotions.

Yay me. Happy Friday. Bless the weekend.

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