May Grounded Gratitude Day 10

A happy Sunday to you all – once again I’ve had a chill weekend where I haven’t been as present on my socials as normal. 🌟

In it’s place I have spent time with my family – poached eggs for breaky, a bit of time to work on a puzzle, making a dessert for after dinner tonight🍰

Also finding ways to escape the sun – today it is SO hot here in Vancouver 🇨🇦 to the point that it’s not enjoyable, so I’ve been staying inside primarily or escaping to shady spots. More enjoyment of the little things. 🤗

What are your plans this weekend?

2 thoughts on “May Grounded Gratitude Day 10

  1. Like you I am making the most of the time in lockdown to do the things that I am often too busy to do. Baking, journalling, reading and walking my dog. I am not sure if I am going to embrace the lifting of the lockdown this weekend.


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