May Grounded Gratitude Day 2

Hope you’re all having a restful Saturday! I dragged my butt out for a rainy walk without music or without my phone and I’m SO glad I did.☺️

I was so much more attentive to the world around me. Normally when my music is in I don’t have a chance to observe but after today I realized I want to make a better habit of getting out of my headphones.📱

I walked up a street I’ve never gone and normally wouldn’t because I’m usually on auto-pilot. I paid attention to all the different greens of the trees and bushes, I heard the birds chirping, I enjoyed the quiet when cars weren’t driving by, I admired little details of houses (one had shelves of books I could see from the street in their front room, it honestly looked like a library).📚

What did you get up to on your Saturday? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏻

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