May Grounded Gratitude Day 1

May Edition of Grounded Gratitude is here! We are back at Day 1 to start the month off right 🌟

I watched a fascinating 30 minute video via the YouTube account Special Books for Special Kids, in which the host interviews a man with antisocial personality disorder.

It got me thinking about how authenticity and transparency on the internet can actually be a helpful tool when used for the purpose of clearing up stereotypes surrounding mental health disorders – in my case it allowed me to develop a more humble, clear, understanding of this disorder. As well, it allows other people with mental health disorders to see that there can be hope and possibility in leading a more fulfilling life, with less shame and less stigma.👌🏻

On another note, was catching up on some emails from work this morning and I caught myself almost emailing a “sorry” to the person who had emailed me the initial response, for seeking further clarity to do with the task.🤪

I took a step back and realized that my apology was not necessary and should not be spared in a trivial situation such as this. A misunderstanding which you are looking to better understand or seek clarity on, is never something you should have to apologize for. Besides, you seeking clarity now will most likely mean you doing a better job of the task at hand – and why wouldn’t you (and the person asking you to the complete the task) want that?🤗

What are you grateful for? Comment down below!

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