April Grounded Gratitude Day 25

Grounded Gratitude Day 25!👏🏻

I created a more plain post (one without a background today) because I want to get a feel for what people like … do you like seeing an account with variety in terms of the design of their posts or do you prefer something more simple and consistent?

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about check out @yungpueblo – his design for each of his posts is simple but very consistent. I’m trying to determine whether I should establish a more consistent design scheme (like his) because I see that a lot and I just want to learn and gather input, while obviously still be authentic to me with what I like and the content I post – you feel me? 🙂

Comment below if you have any thoughts or preferences as to what you like to see with an account and their post designs! Or if you’re like “Lindsayyyy I don’t care, I appreciate your content because it’s your content, I don’t care about the leewwk” – tell me that too 😂

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