April Grounded Gratitude Day 24

Grounded Gratitude Day 24! When May 1st comes around we’ll start back at Day 1 🤗

Seeing the senior sign with her granddaughter (I assume was her granddaughter) makes me want to learn how to “speak” it now too! Learn a new skill? ASL? Why the heck not?👏🏻

I realize that I posted the other day about how many leftovers I have, but since my failed frying experiment last week, I haven’t stopped craving fried chicken LOL. For those of you who missed my story, I attempted to deep fry jackfruit from a @buzzfeedtasty recipe where it’s supposed to mimic popcorn chicken and proceeded to wreck the oil from the temperature being too high, set off my fire alarm for a solid 10 minutes and nearly burned my apartment down 😬😬😬

The place I order chicken from is run by the sweetest Korean family – another small biz I am more than happy to support because they provide me hella yummy food! They took their little son back to South Korea to meet his relatives for the first time last year and closed their shop for a few weeks while they were gone, and I MISSED the chicken – but they had a fair reason 😋

And the new patio set is all ready! Now what else to add? Plants? A shelf for my plants? A lounge chair to read books in? A little cart or side table to accompany it? Think of the possibilities!🌟

What are you grateful for? You know what to do, let me know in the comments below you fine folks! 🎉

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