April Grounded Gratitude Day 15

Grounded Gratitude Day 15 is all about growth (plants, knowledge, space) but it got me thinking about the importance of being in touch with your feelings when traversing the pathway leading to growth🌿

I think we can all agree there’s been A LOT of emphasis recently on HOW people are using their time during the pandemic. Are you being productive? Are you using the time to GROW? Are you using the time to better yourself? (good for you if you are!). 🌷

Rather than thinking about HOW you are using this time to grow, I’d like you to think about HOW what you are spending your time doing … is making you FEEL?🤗

How you feel before, during and after you spend your time doing whatever it is you choose to do is more important than however you choose to spend your time. If it makes you feel good, if it sparks joy (to take a page outta Marie Kondo’s book), that still counts as growth – you were discovering/rediscovering what makes you feel good and what you enjoy! And if you don’t enjoy it, that still counts as GROWTH, too! 👐🏻

Growth itself is amazing when it takes place but recognizing how you feel while taking the steps to achieve growth will allow you to become a more satisfied, content, in tune human, along the pathway to reaching it.🌵

That all being said, whether or not you use this time to allow room for growth in your life is totally up to you – at the end of the day you’re a bomb human if you do, you’re a bomb human if you don’t.👌🏻

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