April Grounded Gratitude Day 7

Grounded Gratitude Day 6 – April Edition 🌻⁠⠀

Today has been a day of cooking projects, and by that I mean trying new recipes and taking time to enjoy the process of putzing around my kitchen. 😉⁠⠀This morning for breakfast I made a smoothie bowl (SO TASTY – JUST LOOK AT IT, WHAT A FEAT – okay well not really, I blended 3 things together and topped it with a bunch of healthy stuff, but I made it look all pretty!).

There was also chia seeds!

For lunch I made salad rolls. They were a true labor of love – an hour to make, 10 minutes to eat (yeesh 🙄). Rice paper is so finnicky too – if you don’t work with it the right way, it rips so easily. 😭⁠⠀Suffice to say most of the rolls eventually became “deconstructed” style, so I didn’t take any photos of those 😬🤣⁠⠀

Have you tried any new recipes recently? Tell me about them in the comments below!⁠⠀

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