April Grounded Gratitude Day 5

Grounded Gratitude Day 5, yep yep yep! 🌻

I can’t wait to travel again, folks ✈️ I’ve got my next big destination in mind, it wouldn’t be for a few years though as I want to go for my 30th birthday 🎉

While I’m grounded, I’m taking this spare time to envision what I want for myself for the future – goals, dreams, my travel bug 😊

It’s been a lot of fun visualizing and writing it all down – I encourage you to do the same – put your goals & dreams to paper, it makes them so much more real & tangible when you do so 💌 I’d love to do a vision board, too!

Where do you want to go next on vacation? Tell me in the comments below 👏🏻

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