Grounded Gratitude Day 1

I am at the tale-end of my first full day of remotely working from home in an effort to socially distance myself amidst the covid-19 pandemic. I’ve heard of the number of businesses and locations closing and people who’s family members are stuck in other countries and overseas and trying to arrange for them to come home, some with more challenges than others in the efforts to get them home.

To remind myself that my circumstances could be a lot worse, I’m starting a Grounded Gratitude practice – a commitment that every day of social distancing, when I don’t have a regularly scheduled post coming out, I publish 3 things in my life I am grateful for. The grounded is, well, because that is what I am in this circumstance. I’m not going anywhere, I’m grounded – not many people are these days. But I can still express gratitude within my grounding.

1. I am grateful that I have a job which allows me to a.) work from home b.) is a salaried position, and c.) ensures the well-being and safety of it’s employees as one of it’s priorities.

2. I am grateful that my family and friends are all safe in Canada.

3. I am grateful I have enough food to eat (and enough toilet paper).

What are you grateful for? Leave a comment below!

That’s it for today’s Grounded Gratitude. Check back tomorrow for my next 3!

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