A Blog is Born

In February 2020, after receiving the “I’m not taking on new clients at the moment” schpeel from the 6th psychologist I had reached out to, to hash out my flavor of the week mental health issues (I’ll take Insecurities for 300, Alex), I thought seeing as I couldn’t connect with a professional to discuss my concerns, that I should write about them in the interim, and release some thoughts and feelings that way. Of course I journaled in my own time, but never considered publicly blogging about my chunky, overthinking head, and the fact I’m in an on-off relationship with insecuritystressemotionsoverthinkingruminating my mental health on the daily (what a joy).

I feel very fortunate to have a platform on which I can share my lived experience in dealing with my mental health, while combining it with my passion for writing. I will never claim to be nor am I an expert or a professional on any of the topics I talk about on the site (specifically mental health and meditation). Most of what I discuss is based off of my own lived experience, and I consider myself to be in a constant state of learning.

With that in mind, I welcome you to my site and hope it serves you well in unpacking and exploring healthier habits and routines to address your mental health concerns and improve your daily life through self-care, mindfulness, self-compassion and meditation (and sometimes wine).

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