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A Is For Assertive: My Word For 2021

Read Time: 6 Minutes Recently, I heard about the idea of selecting a “word of the year” as a way of defining and outlining how one would like their year to go. I’ve decided to take part in that trend too and discuss my word of the year I’ve chosen today. This word is something […]

My Biggest Project of 2021 is ME!

Your BIGGEST project of #2021 (& beyond)? YOU!!⁠⁠Things may seem overwhelming at first when you observe the number of aspects within you that you hope to work on at any given time throughout the year (I’M FINE, IT’S FINE, EVERYTHING IS FINE, SOMEONE BRING ME A PAPER BAG).⁠ ⁠What’s more important though, is the fact […]

A New Years “Resolution” Pep Talk

Today on the blog, we discuss New Year’s “Resolutions” – why they shouldn’t be called “resolutions”, my preference for the term “realignment”, why we often fail at resolutions (and subsequently feel crappy), and how to make our resolutions ACTUALLY stick!